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With the use of the Verberkmoes low fidelity simulator this course allows the scholar to train two of the first procedures in mitral valve repair in a distance learning environment. The two procedures are deconstructed into teachable components, applying strictly the science of learning. The Verberkmoes simulator, was the winning contestant in the 2012 EACTS simulator building contest. Dr Verberkmoes is a thoracic surgeon from the Netherlands. The curricular design comes from Prof Dr Patrick Perier (Paris, Bad Neustadt).

Target Audience

Scholars interested in cardiac surgery and cardiac surgical residents, in preparation of clinical valve repair



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Goals Objectives

G: To optimize the initial learning process of the mitral valve repair procedures
G: To stimulate interested scholars in learning cardiac surgery
O: To deconstruct the mitral valve repair into teachable components.
O: To learn the three dimentional anatomy of the mitral valve and apparatus
O: To understand the spatial relationships of hands, needle holder, needle, the mitral valve ring
O: To annihilate the negative phase of the learning curve on the first mitral valve repairs in human
O: To confront and annihilate the scholar with possible technical errors
O: To optimize the pace of the first mitral valve repair procedures in humans

Non-Goals Objectives

This does not lead to a license to practice surgery, only national legislation is valid.

My Learning Pathway

  • 1. Goals, Non-goals and Objectives

  • 2. The Anatomy of the Mitral Valve

    • 2.1. The Goals and Objectives

    • 2.2. The Mitral Vail

    • 2.3. The Mitral Commissures

    • 2.4. The Mitral Leaflets

    • 2.5. The Anterior Mitral Valve Leaflet

    • 2.6. The Posterior Mitral Valve Leaflet

    • 2.7. The Leaflet Segmentation

    • 2.8. The Mitral Valve Annulus

    • 2.9. The Chordae Tendinae

    • 2.10. The Anterior Leaflet Chordae Tendinae

    • 2.11. The Posterior Leaflet Chordae Tendinae

    • 2.12. The Papillary Muscles

    • 2.13. The Left Ventricle

    • 2.14. The Surrounding Structures

  • 3. The Mitral Valve Ring Repair

    • 3.1. Goals and Objectives

    • 3.2. The Set-up

    • 3.3. Placing the sutures in the Mitral Valve Annulus

    • 3.4. Placing the sutures in the Prosthetic Ring

    • 3.5. Bringing the Ring down to the Annulus

    • 3.6. Tying the sutures

    • 3.7. Evaluation

      • Assessment nr 1 of mitral valve ring placement

  • 4. The Posterior Leaflet and Mitral Ring Repair

    • 4.1. Goals and Objectives

    • 4.2. The Set-up

    • 4.3. The Triangular Resection of the Posterior Leaflet

      • Assessment nr 2 of closure of triangular resection

    • 4.4. The Mitral Valve Ring Prosthesis

    • 4.5. The Evaluation

      • Assessment nr 3 final evaluation

  • 5. The Debriefing